AMS Reward Points



Get 2 AMS Points per every £1 Pound spent with us.

AMS Points, is the easiest and hustle-free points system that can get you the following rewards:

500 AMS Points - £5 OFF Coupon
950 AMS Points - £10 OFF Coupon
1050 AMS Points - 10% OFF Coupon
2300 AMS Points - £25 OFF Coupon 
4000 AMS Points - £50 OFF Coupon


Get 100 Points, just for signing up for an account with us!


How to redeem your points

To redeem your points you have to be logged in to your AMS account.

Click on AMS Rewards in the bottom left corner of your screen:


On Desktop:



On Mobile:




A window will pop-up where you will be able to see your current points availability and redeem your points for AMS Rewards. Please click "Ways to Redeem".

You will be shown all the different options that are available depending on your points balance. Please choose the reward that you would like to obtain. 

Once you have selected your reward, a coupon code will be provided for you. Please copy the coupon code and save it until you are ready to go through the checkout.


When going through the checkout, please apply the coupon code that you obtained earlier in the "Coupon/Gift Certificate" box, as shown below: