Tax Free Shopping



At Aircraft Model Store we offer you a tax free shopping experience if the order is to be delivered outside the UK and EU (excluding Jersey and Guernsey).

VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged on all Aircraft Model Store products for customers that reside in the UK (excluding Jersey and Guernsey). As of today, the VAT in UK is 20%.

When browsing our website you will see 2 different prices, one with VAT and the other without VAT. If you reside outside the UK and EU, you will not have to pay any VAT on your order. 


Starting from 1st of July 2021, EU customers will be charged VAT on the orders. There will be no liability to pay any further value added taxes or duties on arrival. All charges are included in the final price.


Nonetheless, please comply with your local authorities regards tax and VAT. Aircraft Model Store does not provide any legal advice on this matter. 


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