Phoenix Gulf Air Boeing 787-9 A9C-FG 1/400

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Phoenix Gulf Air Boeing 787-9 A9C-FG 1/400


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    Stylish ! Now you see Phoenix does have Gold Paint ! Old mould used again though!

    Posted by Garry on 12th Jan 2020

    Yet again i have to give 4* as of Phoenix being lazy and not keeping up with competitors like NG & Panda ! They have better moulds now and Phoenix should be more precise as of it! 10/10 for livery job though!

    Also model is damaged,wheel has come off? I will see if it can be fixed but if not i will have to look at their refund or return/exchange policy? I be happy for a swap/replacement if i think i cannot fix it as i want to keep this model and livery.

    Model overall is very stylish! The retro livery looks great on their B787-9 ! So i wonder why the hell they can get the gold paint right on this retro model and get it SO WRONG on the 2 versions they have done in 2018/19 on their current new livery being a matt caramel colour???? Its beyond relief really! Only other brand is JCWings that has attempted their current livery at the moment and got it nearer to CORRECT ! They used as sort of Copper looking gold paint ,still not accurate but the gold they used on the Phoenix retro paint job is nearer to it! So it beggars belief why they never used it on their own version of Gulf Air Current livery! ????

    Overall a classy looking model and a better one from Phoenix than usual! Yet again decided to buy the Phoenix version as cannot be bothered to wait years for JCWings nor if Panda or NG will do one?> Some brands leave certain liveries alone and i am not sure if NG would do one even so i asked them to do this livery but that could be another year!

    Inflight200 has done a 1:200 scale that looks good too! Though i already have a 1:200 scale of their new livery which i prefer! At either scale i would recommend for the collection.

    I would love NG to this retro livery on a TRISTAR,that would look great as their Tristar mould is amazing and 2019 was the year of the Tristar at 1:400 scale other than AV400 A350's that are Beautiful!