Phoenix China Eastern Airbus A330-300 'xinhuanet' 1/400

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Registration: B-6125


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    A Very Good effort and nearly there to the likes of Panda/NG standards. Engines, best i have seen from Phoenix on any A330!

    Posted by Garry on 6th Apr 2019

    This was again an interesting buy! I do like the A330's but nowadays I am only interested in getting hold of some A330Neo's when a few liveries become available?Strange nothing so far! Though WOW air has gone bust and 2 or 4 liveries i like the look of ,so hoping Panda or NG ,so get a move on!!!

    Anyaway back to this model again lots of detail on the graphics ,nice colours and interesting special livery and isn't amazing that only the Chinese and Arabian airlines spend money on doing special liveries and like using color etc.

    I have put this model up against to compare to my other A330's at both 200 and 300 types! I have to say the tail fin looks a bit odd on this one,gap is a bit TOO big from the base of the fuselage and JCWings Korean Air and Other Phoenix Models for A330's look better,especially at the tail fin end? It might be the livery that makes it stand out more than usual on the mould?

    Overall the best feature is its wings on this model as hardly any gloss? Looks more like a Witty400 standard for the wings and engines! Although this model is nice to look at its not as luxurious as the A340-300 all black HI-Fly! That was a super model from Phoenix and it just shows how they can go from one model to another and let things down!That Hi-Fly is worth getting if you can find one now as all were snapped up by collectors due to its quality and oddness of being all black!

    Back to this model and the engines are very good,Best RollsRoyce Trent700's types i have seen from those i have collected at A330 types.Paint job is fine,Overall good. Gets a 4* as again not a 'wow model ' if u get me but pleasant enough! Most certainly one for collectors as of its rareness and odd livery.