JC Wings Gulf Air Boeing 787-9 A9C-FA 1/200 XX2134

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    Finally JCWINGS release this Model! A year and more wait! Was it worth it,read on....

    Posted by Garry on 18th Jul 2019

    My oh my, how long have i awaited this model! Its no fault of AMS or anybody else that sell models, its just a thing with JCWings they seem to release expected models way ahead of production which is very annoying and no pictures.Besides that i was determined to see a picture first at either scale to see if they had done the same 'mistake' Phoenix had done with the colour of the GOLD for engine covers!

    Now if it had been a Inflight200 i would have been happy to do a pre-order as they are usually the best at 1:200 scale and are almost always accurate with details and paint choice! Besides that i was determined this time to have a 1:200 scale over their 1:400 scale release as i already have the 1:400 scale version done by Phoenix in 2018! By the way they have done it again,still in 2019 Phoenix with the new release is still doing caramel matt-gloss and yellow in the graphics instead of gold on the tail fin and engine covers??? Have they learnt anything! As said with this manufacturer Phoenix its always 'Hit or Miss' of late! Besides that JCwings have improved alot of late in both scale sectors so i was hoping and expecting better from them and did they!!! Yes is the reply! Soon as i saw the first pictures of the 1:400 scale version, i knew the 1:200 scale would be the same! After seeing Gold paint where it was suppose to be i made my mind up and decided the extra 40quid was worth it as i love the Gulf Air livery even so OmanAir is my favourite livery at the moment!

    Well after the amazing wait it finally came! Soon as i took it out i was glad i choose this scale over the 1:400 as of the extra graphics details on the engines,fuselage and the presence of the model itself! The only thing that has surprised me is the choice of white paint shade? Its a bit dull or cream looking?? I think in real-life its much brighter but never mind i am just picking minor faults, it could be due to white paint ages?? Well anyway it was finally here in all its glory and YES it was worth the wait as of it being correct and only 2 Brands have attempted this livery to my knowledge so far!

    One thing is the Gold looks abit Copper'ish? A bit darker than that whats on the real plane! Again its like a Virgin Atlantic white paint issue?? Atleast its not CARAMEL!
    That is also why i give it a 4 out of 5 as i am sure Inflight200 would have done a slightly better job! More accurate on the white and gold /copper paint shade choice but there is nothing wrong with the JCWings attempt,i am pleased with it but with Inflight200 you would be paying more than £30/40 on average retail price over JCWIngs! They (JCWings) are known as not being as good as others at 1:200 scale but at their price they are very good nowadays! So really its a lovely model,glad i choose it over the 1:400 scale version and by the way The Phoenix 1:400 version is a good model/mould/ graphics and all but just poor choice over engine colour!

    Overall its a Great livery and a nice livery/model in this scale but what a wait for it though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welldone JCWings its the best i have seen yet of this livery at any scale.A model worth buying!