Christmas Aviation Gift Guide 2021

Posted by AMS Team on 12th Nov 2021

Christmas Aviation Gift Guide 2021

Welcome to our 2021 Christmas Aviation Gift Guide.

Do you have an aviation enthusiast amongst your family, friends or maybe even gathering ideas for yourself?

Whoever it is for this Christmas, get them an aviation gift they will love!

From aircraft models, kids toys, and aviation accessories we have every gift selection that is ideal for you!

This small guide will explain the difference in scales of models and show you what our team at AMS thinks are the best items that you can buy for that aircraft lover this Christmas!

Get Familiar with Aircraft Model Scales!

If you are planning to buy some diecast models this Christmas, we want to make sure you understand the scales and sizes, so that gift you get can be the one they were looking for.

Scales of model aircraft are especially important, as they often can be quite confusing and deceiving.

Commonly in diecast aircraft, there are two scales which are most popular, 1/200 and 1/400.

The easy way of describing this is that 1/200 will always be bigger than 1/400 however where it gets complicated is the aircraft type.

Each diecast model similarly represents the size compared to real life.

Taking the example of a Boeing 747 in 1/200 scale would be a lot larger than in 1/400 whereas taking this same 747 in 1/400 scale and it would be larger than an Airbus A320 in its same scale as representing real life the 747 is the larger aircraft. This also does apply the same in the 1/200, complex right?

The best way to check out the accurate dimensions of each model is the scale chart on our website, we also have a Youtube video explaining further if this still seems slightly complicated!

Take a look below.

Now onto the Gifts!

Below we have picked 10 items that we think would be the perfect gift idea, or even just a little stocking filler for your aviation enthusiast this Christmas!

1. Aviationtag British Airways Boeing 747 – G-CIVE (Blue)

This first item is a piece of history!

An engraved tag made out of the fuselage material which has been cut directly from one of the world’s most known aircraft, the jumbo jet!

This item can be used as a key ring, bag tag, or even a collectible as It contains information about the exact registration it came from. These Queen of the Skies fuselage tags also come in a white version along with loads of different aircraft available too, this would make the perfect stocking filler gift!

2. Cobi British Airways Concorde G-BBDG 455 Building Blocks

Here is the second item we chose, if you are into lego or building kits this is something everyone can get involved in!

With 455 blocks to make up this incredible brick representation of the Concorde, this item is one that would be perfect for all ages, smaller children, teenagers, or even adults. It comes with the features of moving wheels, moving rudder, and more!

3. Turkish Airlines Airport Toy Playset RT5401

Children of course love new toys to play with at Christmas, so if you have an aviation crazy child this playset would be great. It contains a single plane and various ground accessories.

Also if Turkish Airlines is maybe not the playset you are looking for, then we have a wide variety of Daron airport playsets just like this with different airlines.

4. Herpa Antonov Airlines AN-225 Mriya 1/400 562287

How does a model of the world’s largest aircraft sound?

Well, we have this diecast Herpa Antonov AN-225 in 1/400, this model has incredible attention to detail with accurate colours. This is on our list this year, as it has been one of our best selling models, we are sure it would make a great gift this Christmas

5. GeminiJets British Caledonian Airbus A310-200 G-BKWT 1/200

Possibly looking for a more retro-style gift? Then this is our go-to!

The Gemini Jets British Caledonian Airbus A310 looks stunning and as its, a 1/200 scale model, also is the ideal size for displaying. It comes with a beautiful wooden base, unfortunately not printed but the detail on the model itself makes up for that.

6. GeminiJets Airport Mat 1/400 GJAPS006

This is a fantastic item to get if you know a huge model collector, they could create an airport display with this Gemini Jets Airport mat for 1/400 scale aircraft. This mat contains two pieces that go together to make a realistic-looking airport layout.

Dimensions of this mat are approximately 39¼ x 54½ inches and are made out of high-quality durable polystyrene sheets.

Terminal and displayed models are sold separately however, take a look at the rest of this guide to find details on the terminal.

7. Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X, Joystick and Throttle

Getting into flight simulation this year?

The best way to enhance the experience and immerse yourself more is to use a joystick! The Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X which contains both Joystick and Throttle is the ideal balance between quality and entry-level to bring much more enjoyable while you using your simulator.

It also contains a rudder axis by twisting the joystick from left to right, along with multiple bindable buttons.

Simply plug and play fun for PC and Playstation!

8. Black Seatbelt Buckle Keychain

Fasten your Seatbelts! Or your keychain?

Here at AMS this is one of our favourites, and think belongs in any aviation enthusiasts stocking this Christmas.

This keychain works just like an aircraft seatbelt, clips in and detaches.

In the image above shows the black item however, many different colours are available on our website.


9. GeminiJets Airport Terminal Set 1/400

Previously in this guide, we mentioned the Gemini Jets Airport Mat, these two items go hand in hand!

The 1/400 terminal set is also by Gemini Jets, which is packed with accessories. The terminal building itself comes already pre-constructed and is made out of resin construction for high durability.

Overall contains 7 moveable passenger air bridges, interior and rooftop LED lighting, a multi-level roadway system along with airline/corporate logo stickers for customizing air bridges.

10. Airfix Medium Starter Set - RAF Red Arrows Hawk

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Model Kit, that is why we have included the Airfix Starter Set - RAF Red Arrows Hawk as our go-to this year.

Not only because the Red Arrows are iconic, but you can get straight into the action making this as it contains the paint, poly cement, and brush.

Inside the box contains 59 pieces, and is suitable for ages 8+

That is all for our 2021 Gift Guide here at Aircraft Model Store.

Hopefully, it helps you get some great ideas for what to get those aviation enthusiasts this Christmas.

Wishing you all the best this festive season from everyone at AMS!

Merry Christmas!