AMS Answers Common Questions About Model Aircraft

AMS Answers Common Questions About Model Aircraft

Here at Aircraft model store, we get all varities of questions about the models we stock and just about aircraft models in general.

We thought it would be a great idea to answer all of those questions that might have been playing on your mind about model aircraft in this blog post, lets get straight into is and who knows your question might be below so keep reading!

What Are The Types Of Model Aircraft?

Within the model aircraft community there are two types of model aircraft.
The first type being those that are flown, most commonly known as remote controled which some people take to events and compete against other remote control aircraft collectors. 
(AMS does not stock any RC models)

Secondly there is static model aircraft, which as by the name they are given are completely static and are only indended to be for visual and display purposes. 
Kits such as Airfix and Revell come under this cateogory too. 

What Are Models Made Out Of?

Static display aircraft models are typically made of diecast metal, plastic, resin, or even some models can be made out of wood. Diecast metal models are very common as they are highly collectable, incredibly detailed replicas of the real life aircraft.

Remote control aircraft are traditionally made out of plywood, plastics and polyester.
However these days are not as commonly popular compared to static models.

How Do I Know What Scale To Get?

This answer to this question could be, it depends what you want.
However the scale of model aircraft are very important as most of the time espically if you are new to collecting, it can often be quite confusing and deceving.
Most familiar ones for diecast aircraft are 1/200 and 1/400, and the best way to describing these scales is that 1/200 is larger than 1/400.
Although there is one thing to keep in mind when searching for that perfect model, which is each model similarly represents the size compared to the real life aircraft.

There is also 1/500 scale, which is not as popular as they are considerably smaller that 1/400.
The best way to check out the accurate dimensions of each model is the scale chart on our website, we also have a Youtube video explaining further if this still seems slightly complicated!

Take a look below.

Do Models Come With Stands?

If you are looking to buy a diecast model aircraft and want to display it with a stand then this is easily possible.
1/200 diecast model aircraft always do come with a stand within the box, so you can just pop it out and onto your shelf.
Whereas if you were looking to display a 1/400 model with a stand then unfortunately they don't typicaly come with a stand in the box, but we do stock plenty of stands that you can purchase seperately. 

Possibly you are looking in getting a snap fit model, for example a SkyMarks model.
Then these all do come with stands in the box so you can simply display that one straight away also. 

Would I Need To Build It?

No, you do not need to build do anything for a diecast model aircraft.

Although if you are looking at snap fit models, there is some assembly required in which clicking the wings and tail into the fuselage however there is no glue involved. 

Kits are of course known for being projects, which do require a lot of time to assemble and glue the pieces together along with painting the model itself, this is not required for diecast or snapfits. 

Require some more help?

Send us an email or get in touch with our socials and our team will be happy to help. 

Hopefully that gave some answers to maybe a few questions

that has been playing on your mind about aircraft models!

Thank you for reading!

See you in the next AMS Blog. 

23rd Nov 2021 AMS Team

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